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Sjökulla Phoenix UAS LiDAR demo 2016 by FREE

Published March 6, 2017

More information: http://www.mosaicmill.com/download/README_Lidar_data.pdf

The objective of the flight mission was to evaluate the accuracy of point clouds from Phoenix LiDAR
Systems scanner in a realistic survey mission scenario and testing the performance of Terrasolid
software for data calibration. The results indicates that Phoenix LiDAR Systems’ scanners can be
used for survey grade projects even without support of ground control points.

Survey mission and sensors
* Date: 29 June 2016
* Location: Kyrkslätt, Sjökulla, Finland
* Platform: Camflight FX8 UAS
* Mapping payload: Phoenix LiDAR Systems AL3-32 with Sony Alpha A6000 camera
* Flying height: 40m AGL

Laser data:
* 2.2 GB In LAZ 1.2 format
* 226 356 712 points